10 Week Course

Our courses are run over ten sessions that are 1.5 - 2 hours long, covering 11 topics. Every session will have a unique offering to enhance your learning experience. Each student will receive a one-on-one mentoring meeting between each session that will support your specific needs. We aim to upskill you so that you have the ability to move towards your goals with clarity, consistency. and practice personal leadership. The purpose of mentoring is to assist and create change. You will learn how to identify areas beyond your sport to create a balanced and holistic approach to your personal and professional path. You will also learn essential decision-making choices, attitudes and behaviours that will help you determine your pathway.


Great media talent = greater opportunities for your professional career. In this session, respected sports journalist Andrew Capel from The Advertiser will give you exclusive insight into the media industry. He will teach you the essential skills and techniques required to give successful media interviews/press conferences. Our team will help you refine your story so that you can deliver your messages clearly and confidently to any audience.


As you have the ability to be a leader, this session is designed to help you become one, starting with how to communicate as a leader.

You will learn how to deliver constructive feedback, voice controversial opinions and resolve conflicts through positive communication that makes conscious use of the power of words and tone. You will learn the art of active listening; taking the time to accurately interpret questions and asking for clarification if necessary. Beyond communication, you will also learn essential tips and tricks for creating connections and building strong, positive relationships and networks. To support the session, you will hear from one of Australia’s greatest elite athletes, Olympian, Stuart O’Grady to learn from his personal insights as a leader.


Learning how to perform optimally for competition can be challenging. There are often numerous distractions and unique circumstances that can be daunting and unexpected. In this session, you will learn how to mentally prepare for competitions. You will be taught how to focus on the controllable aspects and formulate positive routines and strategies to maximise success. The unique group dynamic made up of athletes from different sporting codes is unparalleled in regards to insights gained through sharing personal experiences and learnings.


Complacency can lead to mediocrity, which is why great athletes must constantly push themselves outside their comfort zones. This session will see participants pushing their limits at MegaAdventure Aerial Park, Australia’s first aerial park. Home to more than 50 high rope activity crossings, swings, zip lines, free falls and vertical challenges, MegaAdventure is designed to motivate and challenge people of all ages to explore, grow and achieve, and in doing so build self-confidence through taking risks.


Whether you are just starting out in your sporting career, or heading towards retirement, it is never too early to start planning your life beyond sport. In this session, you will gain insight into your personal values that will help identify potential career options.

Using the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator, you will be able to identify your personality type and career options that suit your style. Guest presenter Rick Mason from Goal Quest will advise students on goal setting and targeted networking to access a broad range of opportunities that can run concurrently whist you are still a professional athlete.


In order to have confidence in dealing with the media, your Public Speaking skills need to be developed to ensure a richer career in your sport and beyond. Lisa McAskill, an experienced presenter with more than 30 years experience in the television, modelling, film and training industries, will focus on building your confidence with public speaking. You will learn practical skills to deliver great presentations and interviews. A key part of that will be understanding your key messages, what you want your public profile/brand to “look like” to ensure you are always “on song.”


There is a saying in sports that 90 per cent of performance is “in the mind.” However, we spend the majority of our effort, money and time on physical and technical training – leaving little time to focus on the “mental game.” This session aims to highlight different techniques that you may not have tried, to keep you present and in the game “mentally.” It is about trial and error and finding the technique that works for you. Numerous techniques will be presented, including a guided group mediation and how to prepare a positive mindset.


Making smart investments and being aware of your “financial health” early on will help you enjoy a lifetime of success and build a legacy for yourself and your future family. Presented by Shannon Corcoran from Gem Capital, this session will teach students essential financial skills including budgeting, investing, navigating contracts, insurance policies, wills and planning for the future.


To capitalise on your success as an athlete, you have the unique opportunity to self promote to gain commercial benefits. Learn to think about yourself as a “brand” – the bigger the brand the more you can ask for it through sponsorship, negotiating with agents and so on. Guest presenter, Gabrielle Leonello from littlelionPR will give you tips and tricks about how to start building your brand through key promotional activities. You will look at your social media channels, your image and bio, supporting materials and what to look for when seeking out an agent and negotiating contracts. Upon completion, you will feel more confident in growing and managing your personal brand and identifying what can be monetised or sponsored – all adding to your bottom line.


Goal setting is inherently linked to task performance: the more specific and challenging (yet realistic) your goals, the better your task performance. Athletes can sometimes get tied up thinking that they need to be better than their opponents, but ultimately being successful at sport requires more than simply being faster or stronger. In this session, you will be asked to use what you have learnt from previous sessions to revisit your lifetime goals and life purpose. You will be supported in this session to identify goals and how you can achieve them.


The course culminates with a graduation whereby each participant will present themselves to their peers made up of industry, past participants, media and sporting colleagues, followed by a networking event.